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Different data address different scope level of analysis. Please choose your scope of interest.


Data for different analysis scopes can be available for different places. Please select place covered / prepared for exploration and analysis according to region, country or city of your interest.


Standard views on data are focused on different thematic information. Please select theme according your thematic interests.

User Agreement

By clicking “I agree”, I certify that I have read, understood, and agree to be bound by the terms of this User Agreement and all of the Terms and Conditions of the Platform for Urban Management and Analysis website (the “PUMA Platform,” or the “Platform”), which can be found through links on the Platform. I understand that accepting this User Agreement and the Terms and Conditions is a condition precedent to being able to access the Platform’s data, and I will not be allowed to proceed unless I have agreed.

  1. I understand and agree that the World Bank allows me to use data extracted or downloaded from the Platform subject to my compliance with certain license terms, but still retains any existing copyright to all of the data on the Platform, unless specifically noted to the contrary.

  2. I understand and agree that unless otherwise labeled, data in the Platform was generated, and is owned by the World Bank. This data, and visualizations and projects using this data, may be downloaded, exported, and used by me only if I comply with the terms of a Creative Commons Attribution license (CC BY 3.0 IGO). The full terms of this license, including the restrictions on use that I agree to accept, can be found at:

    I understand and agree that regardless of any other license terms governing the use of data, any use of the data or its content must be attributed to the World Bank and its content providers with a copyright notice in the following format:

    For World Bank content:

    World Bank Group,,

    This example reflects minimum attribution requirements. For academic citation purposes, more complete attribution can be given in compliance with standard academic practices.

  3. I understand and agree that some data within the PUMA Platform is not generated or owned by the World Bank, but is provided and generated by third parties. I agree that this data may not be available subject to the CC BY license, but under different terms. This data is clearly labeled, generally by an “I” icon, and is available for extraction and download under the specific license terms provided with the data.

    I agree to comply with the license terms applicable to that data, using the following attribution format:

    For University of Wisconsin content:

    Schneider et al. A new urban landscape in East and Southeast Asia, 2000-2010.
    Environmental Research Letters, under review.

    For WorldPop Project content:

    Produced as part of the WorldPop Project (

    For GISAT content:

    Produced as part of the GISAT s.r.o. ( assignment  ‘Platform for Urban Management and Analysis (PUMA) - Software Development and Satellite Imagery Processing Consultants’ - World Bank Contract No. 7164286. For more information please contact Tomas Soukup (

  4. I understand and agree that nothing in these Terms and Conditions may be interpreted to reduce, limit or restrict the exclusive rights of the owner(s) of the information, documents and materials contained in the Platform under copyright law, neighboring rights law, database law or other applicable laws.

  5. I agree that unless I have made a specific agreement with the World Bank to the contrary, if I use data or information from the Platform under CC BY or other licenses and then create adaptations of that data or information for any purpose, I will add the following explanation to the adaptation after the attribution language:

    “This is an adaptation of an original work by the World Bank. Responsibility for the views and opinions expressed in the adaptation rests solely with the author or authors of the adaptation and are not endorsed by the World Bank.”

  6. I agree that I may not publicly represent or imply that the World Bank is participating in, or has sponsored, approved or endorsed the manner or purpose of my use or reproduction of data and information from the Platform. I understand and agree that the World Bank retains all rights to prosecute, to the fullest extent of the law, any use of its data in a manner that falsifies, misrepresents, disparages or fraudulently uses the data, or disparages or harms the reputation of the World Bank.

  7. I understand and agree that nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall constitute or be considered an authorization to use the name, emblem or official seal of any of the World Bank Group institutions or any abbreviation of such name for advertising or for any other purposes. The World Bank name and logo are property of the World Bank, and subject to the intellectual property rights of The World Bank. I also understand and agree that the grant of any license to use materials from the Platform does not convey or suggest, directly or indirectly, endorsement or support by the World Bank of my services or products. Neither the name of the World Bank nor the names of its contributors may be used to endorse or promote products as a result of use of Platform materials.

  8. I understand and agree that the maps displayed on the PUMA Platform are for reference only. The boundaries, colors, denominations and any other information shown on these maps do not imply, on the part of the World Bank, any judgment on the legal status of any territory, or any endorsement or acceptance of such boundaries.

  9. I understand and agree that this Platform and the data it contains do not imply any opinion, judgment or endorsement on the part of the World Bank, and that the findings, interpretations, and conclusions expressed in the data in this Platform are those of the various contributors to the Platform and are not necessarily those of the World Bank Group's Boards of Executive Directors or its member countries.

  10. I understand and agree that the use of the PUMA Platform is at my own sole risk. The World Bank provides the Platform and its data “AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE.” Under no circumstances shall the World Bank, any other member of the World Bank Group, or any other content provider, be liable to me for any loss, damage, liability or expense incurred or suffered which is claimed to result from use of or in connection with any activity in relation to the PUMA Platform or as a result of the transmission or disclosure of confidential or partially disclosed data or information (including, without limitation, anything – including any tools made available through this Platform – that may personally identify me or my location) through the access to or use of the PUMA Platform or any Interactive Tool or otherwise provided thereby, including without limitation, any fault, error, omission, interruption or delay with respect thereto as well of any loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, unauthorized distribution, modification or destruction of Content or Information provided or transmitted by me or by forging of my e-mail or access information.

  11. I understand and agree that nothing herein shall constitute or be considered to be a limitation upon or a waiver of the privileges and immunities of the World Bank, which are specifically reserved.

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